Nothing Beats the Action Around the Table

Experience the heart-pounding thrills of classic casino games. Beginners and seasoned players alike enjoy the unparalleled excitement at Hollywood Casino. But if you're still a little fuzzy on the dice, a bit green at Blackjack, or just really want to rule at Roulette, click on the game below to learn how to play.

buster blackjack
An exciting Blackjack side bet that allows players to win odds-based payouts when the dealer busts. The amount of cards in the dealer’s busted hand determines the payout. It includes a Player Blackjack Free Bonus when the player wagers at least $5 and has a Blackjack when the dealer busts with 7 or more cards.

Blackjack is the most popular and best known table game at Hollywood Casino.

Three Card Poker

Three Card Poker* is an exciting derivative of real Poker. This enjoyable and easy-to-learn game offers Players three ways to win.

*Proprietary game and trademark used under license from SHFL entertainment, Inc.


A lively Craps game is the ultimate when it comes to fun and excitement. In this fast-paced game, there are many ways to bet and just as many ways to win! Offers 20x odds.

Cajun Stud

Cajun Stud is a 5-card poker variant that gives power to the player. Players are dealt two pocket cards to be used with a 3-card community board to form a 5-card poker hand. The Ante wager is required to receive two pocket cards. Then, the player makes a Raise wager up to three times the amount of the Ante wager or folds before each community card is revealed. The final 5-card hand is compared to the pay table. Players have the option to bet the following optional wagers to win even more!


Double your chances of winning with 2 games in one! This is regular Blackjack with an optional 3-Card Poker side game. Players place a Three Card Poker bet along with a 21 bet (may equal the 21 bet) and are dealt two cards, which combine with the dealer's face-up card to make a Three Card Poker hand.


Roulette is easy to play. Just place your bet, watch as the dealer spins the ball, and if it drops in your number, you're a winner. Actually, there are a wide variety of bets and betting combinations available in Roulette.

Royal Match 21

Hollywood Casino is your exclusive casino for the newest table game - Royal Match 21! Add to your blackjack excitement by placing a bet on the Royal Match circle!