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Premier Club Cards

Join the Premier Club and be treated like a star! Experience the excitement of club membership rewards.  The Hollywood Casino Baton Rouge Premier Club offers you more back than any other local player’s club.  Here, you’ll earn Royalties, receive special offers, exclusive promotions, tier gifts, plus so much more! Use your card at your favorite slots and tables to earn Royalties and Tier Credits while you play.  Earn enough Tier Credits, and you’ll be upgraded to one of the next club levels with more benefits. So join today. It’s fast, free and rewarding!

Earn Royalties while you play with your Premier Club card at any slot or table. Royalties are free points you can use in many ways, most importantly, you can exchange them for Slotplay! Receive $1 in Slotplay in exchange for $2 in Royalties. Exchange a minimum of $10 Royalties to receive $5 in Slotplay or as much as $500 in Royalties for $250 in Slotplay. Best of all, you can redeem them anytime you like! You can treat yourself to fabulous food when you redeem your Royalties in the Celebrity Grill or Take Two Deli. A Royalty is worth 1 cent in retail purchases, so $10 in Royalties equals $10 at any of our restaurants. Visit any kiosk to check your Royalties balance and to exchange them for free Slotplay.

SLOTPLAY is free credit you can play with your Premier Club card inserted in any slot machine. It is available to you as soon as you exchange it. Just download your SLOTPLAY to any slot machine and cash out on any winnings!

As a Premier Club member you may receive BONUS SLOTPLAY as a monthly offer, a special offer, or you may win BONUS SLOTPLAY as a promotional prize. BONUS SLOTPLAY is fast, easy and does not require a coupon! Whenever you receive BONUS SLOTPLAY, your credits may be downloaded at any slot machine.

SLOTPLAY and BONUS SLOTPLAY must be played at the machine it is downloaded to and cannot be cashed out. Any winnings as a result of playing may be cashed out. Download a minimum of $5 and a maximum of $1000 per day.