for the Love of Chocolate

Saturdays in February / 4PM - 8PM

Everyone gets chocolate and a chance to find a golden ticket. Each week 200 prizes will randomly be given away inside Elmer Chocolate Heart boxes. WIN GIFTS, COMPS, AND SLOTPLAY PRIZES UP TO $5,000! And of course everyone gets Chocolates!
Premier Members each get 1 box
Celebrities each get 2 boxes
Producers each get 3 boxes
Executive Producers each get 4 boxes

scratch and win

Wednesdays in February / 9am - 9pm

Premier Tier Members 
Play on any kiosk located on the boat from 9AM to 9PM for a chance to win SLOTPLAY or Royalties.

Earn 1 Tier Credit to activate your game. Not every game wins.

Thursdays in February / 9AM - 9PM

EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS, PRODUCERS, AND CELEBRITIES can play on any boat kiosk for a chance to win SLOTPLAY or ROYALTIES! You could win up to $500 in Bonus SLOTPLAY! Every game is a winner!

Spin to Win

Friday in February / 6PM - 10PM

Win SLOTPLAY, Royalties and Gift Certificates just by playing our Spin to Win kiosk game! You could win up to $250 SLOTPLAY!

Executive Producers spin 4X
Producers spin 3X
Celebrities spin 2X
Premier members spin 1X
Premier members earn 1 Tier Credit to activate your spin.

Only on Kiosks on the boat.
$100,000 Lucky Draw Match Game

Saturdays in March / 5pm - 8pm

$10,000 SLOTPLAY Top Prize
Every Saturday at 5PM, 6PM 7PM, and 8PM a 5 card house hand will be drawn. Goal: To match the cards in your Hand(s) to the House Hand. A 5-card House Hand will be drawn each hour.

Match 2 Cards for $50 SLOTPLAY
Match 3 Cards for $100 SLOTPLAY
Match 4 Cards for $1,000 SLOTPLAY
Match all 5 Cards for $10,000 SLOTPLAY

vip swipe and win

Thursdays in March / 9am - 9pm

EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS, PRODUCERS, AND CELEBRITIES WILL WIN INSTANTLY Slotplay or Royalties on any kiosk located on the boat from 9AM to 9PM just by swiping their Premier Club card.

Plus, every 500 Tier Credits earned that day earns you another chance to play.

beneath the sea

Wednesdays in March / 9am - 9pm

Premier Tier Members 
Earn 1 Tier Credit to play on any kiosk located on the boat from 9AM to 9PM for a chance to win SLOTPLAY or Royalties.

Plus, every 100 Tier Credits earned that day earns you another chance to play. Not every game wins.

pot of gold

Fridays in March / 6PM - 10PM

EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS, PRODUCERS, AND CELEBRITIES play for FREE. PREMIER MEMBERS earn 1 Tier Credit that day to activate your game. Win Slotplay, Royalties or even $500 CASH!
Not every game wins. Play at any kiosk on the boat.

Get Bonus Entries into the St. Patrick's Day Drawing by playing on March 1, 8 and 15

st patricks

Sunday, March 17  /  4pm - 5pm

Print your FREE ENTRY from the promotion kiosk on the boat and drop in the drawing drum starting at 3 PM.
Play in the Pot of Gold kiosk game on Fridays, March 1, 8 & 15 to receive BONUS ENTRIES.

matchplay payday

Monday, March 11 - Tuesday, March 12

TABLE GAMES PLAYERS can earn game points to get free Match Play Voucher. The more your play on Monday & Tuesday, the more you earn. Check your earning status on the kiosks to see how you are doing. Redeem for your Match Play Voucher when you are ready.

Only rated table play will earn towards this promotion. Please verify that your ratings are closed before redeeming Match Play at the kiosk.

$5 Blackjack

Every Monday
Noon - Midnight
Select tables only.

new member

Join the Premier Club
Play $10
Get a free spin on the kiosk.

WIN UP TO $1,000
Every Spin is a Winner!

Birthday Prize Wheel
Get One Free spin on the birthday prize wheel at any kiosk located on the boat.
Spin the wheel 1 day prior, the day of or 1 day after your birthday.
Top Prize $1,000 SLOTPLAY
Table Games Tournaments

Wednesday Night!

Try your hand every first and third Wednesday in our Three Card Poker Tournament or every second and fourth Wednesday in our Blackjack Tournament. 

Table Games Tournament winners will share cash prizes of over $2,600, dependent on the number of entrants! Entry fees are $25 Cash or Royalties.
3:30PM- 7:30PM Registraion in First Floor Casino Lobby

Three Card Poker tournaments will take place on the 5th Wednesday when applicable.

Every Tuesday on the second floor of the casino.
1pm - 2:45pm

Final round begins at 3pm (or after all registered participants in line at 2:45 p.m. have played their initial round)

Top Score of Each Round wins $50 in Bonus SLOTPLAY®
All Final Round participants win a share of over $1,000 in Bonus SLOTPLAY®

Must be 50+
All prizes paid in Bonus Slotplay®. 

Seniors, enjoy the delicious Epic Buffet on Tuesdays for only $2.99 for lunch from 11AM - 3PM! Just present your Player’s Card and ID at the Epic Buffet.

Must use Royalties. Must be 50+.